Roof Renovations – previous updates


Before any work could start, better access was needed onto the site and so we’ve had new vehicle and pedestrian gates installed where the shelters used to be. This will mean we can remove the existing back gate and ramp when the project is completed, easing the congestion that occurs at the end of the school day.

The shelters, which are now stored in the playground, will then go back up where the ramp was.


The scaffolders then moved in, erecting the scaffold around the building on the playground side, down by the mobile and along the front path. They will continue until they have covered the whole school. The scaffolding has been padded for safety and also encloses the skip used to collect the old tiles.

Playground scaffolding          Front of school scaffolding

This has reduced the playground area available, especially down the Infant side of the building. To deal with this, we have set in place staggered break times so that everyone gets the 15 minutes break in the morning – KS1 now have their break 10.15am to 10.30am and KS2 have their break 10.30am to 10.45am.

We have managed to keep lunchtime the same as the children eat their lunch at different times over the lunch period.

Removing Roof tiles

During the 2nd week of term, the roofers were able to start stripping the tiles off the roof and they started down the Infant side of the building.

When the roofers are over a classroom, there is a lot of noise from their work but they are able to strip a section above a classroom in 2-3 days.

As they move around the building, we will let you know on this page where they are and any updates resulting from their work.