Year 6


new welcome sign

MORNING BOOST: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8:20 am. All welcome!

Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 is a very important year in primary school. Not only are our Year 6 pupils in their final year, they are also role models to the rest of the school. Miss Flint, Mrs Mantel, Mrs Hall and Mrs Young look to Year 6 to set a positive example and lead the way.

In Year 6, we work hard all year. We want pupils to work hard, aspire to be the best they can and make a positive contribution. This means trying hard in every area of school life.

Every subject is important in Year 6 and we value a balanced curriculum. We ensure all pupils are well prepared for their SATs in May and are able to show what they are capable of.

This half term, we are continuing with our topic of ‘Darwin’s Delights’ before moving onto ‘A Child’s War. Darwin’s Delights focuses on evolution as a theory and Darwin’s discoveries on the HMS Beagle voyage. There are lots of opportunities for scientific learning as well as applying skills from geography and history. ‘A Child’s War’ focuses on developing skills in history by exploring elements of WWII. The topic will look at evacuation and how the lives of children were affected by the war. 

In literacy, we are writing our own persuasive leaflets for Robinwood based on the time we spent there. We will also write a newspaper report based on the Blitz and evacuee letters from the perspective of a child during WWII. 

In maths, we are exploring area and perimeter before moving onto ratio. 

PE is taught by our sport coach on Wednesdays and Thursday. Please remember kits!

Homework will continue to be given out on Fridays with the expectation that it is returned on Wednesdays the following week. Please also practise spellings at home.

Year 6 is hard work, but we also strive to make it fun!