Attendance Record

Academic Year 2016-17

Below is the Attendance Record for the Governing Body meetings and Committee meetings

GB 1 and GB 2 = Governing Body meeting – there are 2 Governing Body meetings per term

FC = Finance and Personnel Committee – there is 1 Finance and Personnel Committee per term (or as required)

Ob = Observer

AM = Associate Member (Acting Headteacher)

Ap = Apologies received

Shaded = period before or after term of office


Name Autumn 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016
  GB 1 GB 2 FC1 FC2 GB 1 GB 2 FC GB 1 GB 2 FC
Brenda Moxon Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Ben Barnes Y Y n/a n/a Y
Alan Beech Y Y n/a n/a Y Y n/a Y Y n/a
Tom Doyle Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Ap Y
Amy Flint Y Y n/a Ap Y n/a
Damian Harris Y Y n/a n/a Ob Ap Ob AM
Sheena Hyman Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fr Alec Mitchell Y Y n/a n/a Y Y n/a Y Y n/a
Sarah Ousley Ob Y n/a AP Y n/a